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How do I update my credit card details or disable automatic billing?
Step 1: Sign into your account

1. Visit and click on Log in (at the top right corner of the screen).


2. After clicking on Log in another window appears which prompts you to enter your Email Address and your Password.

NB: Your Email Address is that email address that you had used when creating your Times of Malta Account


Step 2: Go to the Settings page

1. After Signing In, you will be redirected to the Times of Malta Home Page.
2. Click on Logged in (at the top right corner of the screen) to enter your Account’ Settings page.

Step 3: Change Card Details

1. Inside your Settings page, click on the Change payment card button (located under the Manage your subscription section).


2. You will be then asked to input all your Credit Card details accordingly, including the CVV (Card Security Code) which is the 3-digit number at the back of your Credit Card.

3. Make sure that you choose the correct Credit Card type.

NB: If you have a Cashlink-Visa Credit Card, kindly choose Visa as the Credit Card type.

4. After you input all your Credit Card details, make sure to tick the box next to the Terms and Conditions Agreement statement and click to continue.

5. You will then see a final confirmation window which confirms that the payment has been processed and also displays other relevant information with regards to the financial transaction.

6. You will also receive a confirmation email showing that payment has been successfully enacted and an expiry date until when your subscription would be valid.

Please be aware that Times Of Malta is a merchant that does not store your credit details and that it makes use of 
Transactium - a secure local payment processor duly certified to process and hold credit card details as per PCI-DSS.

 Last updated Thu, Aug 20 2015 1:36pm

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